CarPet Patches 

Is your carpet damaged, wrinkled, frayed, ripped, torn, or falling apart as the seams?   You don't have to replace your entire carpet, the carpet repair experts at Lone Star Carpet Cleaning and Repairs can repair it!  Carpet repair and restoration is not a skill that all carpet technicians are able to perform.  In fact, carpet repair is an art-form that takes years to hone.  The specially trained carpet repair technicians at Lone Star Carpet Cleaning and Repairs have mastered the art of carpet repairs.  If fact, our carpet repairs are so good that you might think we're magicians.  We specialize in carpet stretching, patches, and seam repair.

Carpet patches are the recommended for holes, ripped carpet, and large stains.  Carpet patching involves replacing the damaged portion of carpet with an undamaged piece of carpet (either from a remnant you may have left from your original install or a discreet area like a closet).  The damaged area is removed and replaced with the new piece leaving your carpet seamless and looking brand new.  Many of our customers ask if they can purchase new carpet to use in lieu of removing a piece of their existing carpet.  Unfortunately, the answer is "no."  Since dye lots vary from roll to roll, inevitably you will encounter a color discrepancy between the new and original carpet -- even if you purchase the very same carpet in the same "color."  The best option for seamless new looking carpet is to use a piece of carpet already in your home.

Over time, carpet stretches leaving unsightly lumps, bumps, and wrinkles.  Wrinkled carpet is not only unattractive, but it is can be dangerous as well.  Loose sagging carpet can be remedied with a process called carpet re-stretching.  The Lone Star Carpet Repair experts are equipped with special tools and techniques designed specifically to smooth out lumps, bumps, bulges, and wrinkles to restore a taught, brand-new appearance to your carpet.  The carpet re-stretching process can also be employed to repair loose or frayed carpet seams.        

Is your carpet falling apart at the seams...literally?  The seam repair experts at Lone Star Carpet Cleaning and Repairs can repair your seams making them virtually invisible.

No matter what your carpet repair dilemma, rest assured, that the expert carpet cleaning and carpet repair professionals at Lone Star Carpet Cleaning and Repairs in San Antonio have the solution for you.  From carpet patches, to carpet stretching, to seam repair: we've got you covered.  Call us to schedule your appointment, today.  

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